If you're looking to understand everything that determines the quality and integrity of coffee as a product, making sure you have a good grasp of the basic history and contemporary origins of coffee beans is a definite must.

In this part of our ultimate guide to coffee you’ll learn the basics of coffee, the history, and the journey coffee beans need to take to grow and be harvested successfully. This section is essentially a library of resources that are specific to the basics of coffee and coffee beans.

Coffee 101

A basic introduction to coffee, it's chemical structure and how coffee plants are grown to produce coffee beans that can be harvested.

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The History of Coffee

In this guide we'll walk you through the origins of coffee and explain how it came to be a drink that eventually found it's way everywhere across the globe.

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The Different Types of Coffee Beans

Learn everything about the different types of coffee beans and how they are categorized. You'll get a great foundational sense of how different types of coffee beans are used and when they sometimes yield different flavor.

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Coffee Beans, Plants, and Seeds

Everything you need to know about coffee plants and seeds and how their makeup informs everything from harvesting to processing.

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Harvesting Coffee Beans

After reading this page you'll be better informed regarding the different ways coffee beans are harvested and the pros and cons of each method. Understand how coffee beans are harvested can be imporant to understanding the difference alternate methods can make on taste and quality.

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