The Ultimate Guide to Coffee

If you're looking for a crash course on coffee, or want to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals, our guide is a one stop shop that covers all the bases of coffee as a drink and product.

If you're considering selling coffee online as a business - but don't actually know that much about coffee - this guide was created to help you learn more about what goes into making coffee so you're in a better position to source, market, and sell coffee to consumers.

Where Does Coffee Come From?


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Learn the the basics of coffee as well as the history and the origins of coffee plants and beans that eventually make their way to us in the form of coffee drinks.

Coffee Processing Methods


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Learn how coffee is "processed" after it's been harvested and how different processing methods can impact flavor and aroma. This part of the guide details the chemistry of coffee and how it is impacted by processing.

Storing and Grading Green Coffee Beans

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Learn how coffee beans need to be transported and stored to ensure freshness and quality. Also improve your understanding on what qualifies as a "defect" in a coffee bean.

Roasting, Grinding, Storing, and Brewing Coffee


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Learn the different ways to *properly* roast, store, grind, and brew coffee to ensure optimum quality and tasting notes.

Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee


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Learn how to prepare coffee and serve it with the right food pairings or the right style of milk frothing to enhance flavor and create well balanced flavor notes.

Glossary of Coffee Terms


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An alternate way of exploring the world of coffee, our Glossary of Coffee terms outlines all relevant words, concepts, and vocabulary - as related to coffee.