If you ever wanted to know how the type and taste of coffee is determined, or what the difference is between light roasted coffee and dark roasted coffee, this resource will tell you everything.

In this part of the ultimate guide to coffee you'll learn the differen methods that can be applied to roast coffee beans, store them, grind, and finally - brew them. Each of these stages introduces different variables and choices that will impact the nature and flavor of the coffee.

How Coffee Beans Are Roasted

Roasting coffee beans arguably has the biggest impact on their flavor and aroma. This resource is intended to give you a great understanding of the different roast types, the reasons behind them, and the processes and machines that are needed to roast coffee in specific ways.

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The Guide to Grinding Coffee Beans

Coffee beans can be ground with different processes and different equipment, and the choices of grinding depend on everything from the origins of the coffee, the roast type, to the desired end result. In this resource we provide all the information you would need to know to understand how coffee beans can be ground and why.

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Storing Coffee Beans

Once coffee beans have been received, if they are not used right away they need to be stored in a very specific fashion.

This resource will explain why coffee beans are so sensitive to their environment and what needs to happen to ensure they are fresh and remain high quality.

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Coffee Brewing Methods

The method you choose to brew coffee can have a huge impact on the end result and the flavor of the cup of coffee. In this resource we will comprehensively outline all the different brewing methods that are currently available, their respective histories, and the reasons why some brewing methods are better than others.

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The Coffee Brewing Control Chart

The Coffee Brewing Control chart is a tool that can help you tailor your brewing equipment, methods, and time to produce a specific desired cup of coffee. The chart is documented in this resource along with instructions on how it should be used to help tailor the brewing process to acheive the best tasting coffee possible.

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Guide to Coffee Extraction

On this page we break down what actually happens throughout the brewing process and how soluble coffee compounds are extracted from ground coffee beans to help you better understand what impact the process has on flavor, aroma, and quality so you can use the information to produce better quality coffee or at least understand "what went wrong" when coffee comes out tasting different than it should.

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Coffee Flavor Compounds

If you have ever wanted to be able to speak intelligently about how different chemical compounds in coffee can impact its flavor profile and balance, this guide will arm you with the exact information you need to throroughly understand the chemicals and chemical reactions that impact the flavor of coffee and how they can be influenced to shape the perfect cup of coffee.

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