This guide will outline all the major coffee roasters who offer "private label" coffee to re-sellers. If you're looking to sell coffee online or in-person, but don't want to take on the overhead and challenges associated with roasting, sourcing coffee for experiences and expert roasters is a very viable solution.

The page lists several major roasters in each country, so you can quickly make an informed decision about what's available and who to reach out to.

If you're looking to find a roaster to partner with for a dropshipping, be sure to check out our guide on drop shipping coffee.

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United States

"Joe's Garage" Coffee

City: Kent, WA


Address: 20232 72nd Ave S, Kent, WA 98032

Phone Number: 206 202-6450

Joes Garage Logo

"Joe's Garage" is a coffee roaster in Kent that boasts low minimums and good production scale. Their services include offering both whole beans, fully roasted coffee, and ground coffee. They also offer custom blends and their business is very much geared towards collaborating with retailers and those hoping to sell their own custom "private label" coffee product.

K&F Coffee

City: Portland, OR


Address: 2801 SE 14TH AVENUE PORTLAND, OR 97202

Phone Number: (503) 234-7788

K&F Logo

K&F Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster in Portland that offers "no fuss" private label coffee delivered to your doorstep. Minimum quantities required are 120 pounds per varietal. They also offer toll-roasting (you buy the beans from someone else and then it over to them to roast). Their private label service is fairly robust, as they offer samples as well as the option to create your own blend to really cater to those wishing to personalize their coffee brand as much as possible.

Farmer Brothers

City: Several. Over 100 branches across the US.



Phone Number:  800-735-2878


Farmer Brothers has tons of locations across the U.S. and can help you, in their words, "build your very own coffee line". They also offers consultants to select flavors and differentiate you blend. Interestingly you can also use them to private label cold brew coffee, one of the more in demand trends, with a choice of 3 different blends.

Empire Coffee Roasters

City: Port Chester, NY


Address: 106 Purdy Ave. Port Chester, NY 10573

Phone Number: 914-934-1100


Empire is the largest wholesale and private brand roaster in the New York area. They offer roasting, grinding, and packaging services along with a dedicated "creative team" to help select and rejuvenate coffee brands. They require 500 pound minimums per roast and typically "roast to order", although it's possible they might handle inventory and storage as well. They also promote their stable pricing, saying "Our many decades of experience insulates our customers from the random fluctuations that effect the coffee commodity market."

Austin Roasting Company

Austin Logo

Austin Roasting Company offers private label wholesale coffee to cafés, grocery stores, online cofee stores, and other retail firms.

They will also drop ship coffee, but only to commercial accounts with a set minimum order (no home deliveries). As far as minimums, they require at the least 100 pounds per month. They also offer toll roasting and packaging if you want to send your beans over to them.

Orinoco Coffee & Tea

City: Jessup, MD

Orinoco Logo

Orinoco offers organic fair trade coffee, and provides a pretty well documented white label coffee service. They require a minimum of 112 cases (or 672 bags) of coffee. They also offer custom labels and packaging along with equipment and training. Their roasting capacity is over 2,000 pounds per day and they can be especially helpful if you're looking to buy/sell in very large quantities.

Silverbridge Coffee Company

City: Many locations across Ohio. See


Address: Ohio (Varies)

Phone Number: 740-709-1610

Silverbridge Logo

Silver Bridge offers wholesale, private label coffee partnerships to cafes, restaurants and organizations They also provide branding services, and espresso training. Most interestingly, they offer their own signature blends but also facilitate custom roasting. Much of the coffee is roast to order, so the product is fresh. They can help source coffee syrups, smoothies, and other coffee products. Minimums on wholesale coffee orders are actually pretty low: five pounds per blend and 10 pounds per order. They deliver locally to central and Southeastern Ohio including Columbus, Athens, Jackson and Waverly plus Dayton and Toledo.



Club Coffee

City: Toronto, ON


Address: 55 Carrier Drive, Toronto On

Phone Number: 416-675-1300

2021-01-17 00_17_17-cc-logo

"Club Coffee" offers Certified Coffee "Q Graders" – experts who know how to formally evaluate the quality of green coffee and can work with you to customize a blend specific to your brand and target customer. They really specialize in "green coffee" and source their beans from sustainable origins while working with organizations like Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and other sustainability certifiers.

Buy Coffee Canada

City: Windsor, Ontario


Address: 3110 Marentette Ave, Windsor, Ontario

Phone Number: 1-800-870-8982

2021-01-17 21_13_51-Window

Probably the best place to look if you want to get your feet wet and start with smaller orders, "Buy Coffee Canada" offers a range of quantities with very low minimums. If you're looking to order uner 100lbs per month the cost is $1 per bag, but goes down with larger orders. They also offer custom labelling and custom blends and in-person training/testing sessions.

Canadian Roasting Society

City: Montreal, Quebec

CRS Logo

The Canadian Roasting Society started out by primarily offering roasters and potential roasters a sense of community and a place to learn and grow your expertise. They now offer wholesale and "private label" premium coffee that’s extremely well-roasted by experts and connoisseurs. Their primary customer is looking for someone else to define and deliver a premium quality coffee roast, but as their focus is primarily on teaching and helping others it's likely you could work out a custom blend if you reached out to them.

2021-01-17 21_36_24-Window

The UK

Chipp Coffee Co

City: Leeds, West Yorkshire


Chipp Coffee Co sources ethical, sustainable and speciality coffee roasts and offers you the opportunity to customize your blends as well. They offer different origins and a well established stress free service. Also, they specifically mention that they serve customers worldwide, so even if you're not close to Leeds you may want to check them out.

Coffee Bean Shop

City: Ashford, Kent


Address: Foster Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0FE

Phone Number: (0)1233 503222


Coffee Bean Shop will offer bulk wholesale volumes along with very specific and refined 
"bespoke" blends for those looking for specialty coffee that really stands out under their own brand. As they point out on their website, they roast coffee over a flame for 12-18 minutes in small batches roast for clients on a weekly basis to ensure freshness. They currently serve Kent, London, and the rest of the UK.



Luxury Private Label Coffee

City: Madrid, Spain 


Luxury Private Label Coffee is a premium coffee wholesaler in Colombia and you can find their corporate private label website here: They offer coffee beans that are both freshly roasted and freshley harvested, as well as a toll roasting service. Bascially they seem to be built to provide premium customized coffee to those who are really looking to establish a productive partnership and build their own coffee brand.

While the list is far from comprehensive it should give you a good sense of the major coffee roasters and options you have in your region.

If you want to look into partnerships and build a coffee selling business while minimizing overhead associated with roasting and even packaging many of these roasters can help you out.

This is unfortunately unlikely to be an easy "turn-key" process as the each roaster is different (just as each of their clients are different) and so some back and forth and collaboration will likely be required.

Of course, if that wasn't the case you'd be dealing with an easier but more generic service that would not do much to help you differentiate your product or target it to a specific market segment.