If you ever wanted to know how to uncover and enhance the flavor and aroma of coffee with food pairings or additives like milk this page contains resources that outline how to do so.

This page, part of our ultimate guide to coffee, features guides that elaborate on the complexity of the many different coffee flavors that can be produces and how they can be balanced, complimented, or amplified.

Understanding how you can alter or enhance your coffee after it's been brewed is the last stage you need to understand to create a "perfect" cup of coffee.

Getting the Right Coffee Water Temperature

Water temperature is one of the many things that can be controlled and understanding how it impacts the quality, speed, and nature of coffee extraction can help you in producing a better cup of coffee, or at least ensuring you do not ruin a very high quality brew.

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Balancing the Coffee Flavor Profile

This resource will outline what it means to have a blanced flavor profile, why it's important, and how to work towards bringing out the best flavors and aromas in coffee in order to really appreciate and enjoy the complecity that can be achieved.

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Coffee Food Pairings and The Flavor Wheel

The advantage of having a really thorough understanding of the coffee flavor wheel and how different food pairings can enhance or balance flavors is is allows you to develop a deeper appreciatation of the drink and to communicate that appreciation to others.

This resource will help you better understand how the coffee flavors can be categorized and how to consider potential food pairings in a way that best compliments the nature and flavor of the coffee.

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Coffee and Milk

Understanding the impact of adding milk, and the methods that can be used to froth milk, is important to putting together the final piece of the coffee brewing puzzle. 

This resource explains how milk impacts coffee not just at a chemical level but in terms of flavor and texture, along with an explanation on how different milk frothing styles compliment different roasts of coffee.

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