If you own a Café or are otherwise thinking of selling and advertising coffee online, you might wonder what you need to include when building out a Café website.

In this article, we'll take a close look at the critical elements your website would need to include if you want to use it to attract and sell coffee to customers.

The Basics

Let's start with the basics. Your website should include an introduction to your café, its atmosphere and what you can offer customers when they come in for a cup of Joe. You might even want to talk about how long it has been open or some other history that sets your business apart from others.

Address, phone number and other business information should be included on your website as well. This is especially true if you're located in a place that gets lots of foot traffic because it would allow people to stop by without having to call first or plan accordingly. You might also want to include hours of operation so that customers know when they can visit.


Next, you'll need images of your Café's interior and exterior. In order to entice customers, you should include a few different kinds of images that show off the best parts of your space. If you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as coffee, take photos of those dishes. You might even want to show people coming in or out of the building so that visitors get a better idea of its location and environment.

Finally, you'll want to include images of the coffee itself. Customers will likely be interested in seeing what kind of drinks you offer them and how they are served. It's also important that your website has photos or videos showing people enjoying their beverage to create a sense of community around it.

Coffee beans should not only appear on an image of the bag they come in, but also on an image that shows different types and flavors.

The Menu

Another thing prospective customers will likely pay close attention to is your menu.

If your café serves different kinds of drinks like espressos, cappuccinos or teas, you should take photos of each kind. The menu should also include information about what kinds of beans you use, how strong your coffee is and whether or not it's organic.


The Drinks You Offer Customers


You'll want to list all the types of drinks that are available on your website so customers can get an idea for what they're in store for.

This would include things like cappuccinos, iced coffees and teas. It's important to list how each kind of drink is made so that customers know what they're ordering before it arrives at their table.

Finally, you should include a detailed menu with prices listed for all your beverages because this will help people get an idea of whether or not they want to make a purchase.


Catering and Events


If you provide catering services for events, list the types of drinks that can be included in your packages on your website. You might even want to include testimonials from past customers about how well everything went or photos of previous events where they were served. This will help people get an idea of what they can expect if you cater an event for them.


As far as pricing goes, it's best to include different tiers for beverages so that customers can get an idea of what the options are without having to ask you directly about them when they come in for a visit. This is especially helpful if you're located in a touristy area and you get many different kinds of people coming through your doors.

Testimonials & Promotions

Additionally, your website should include testimonials from happy customers and any discounts or loyalty programs you might offer. You'll also want to highlight some of the more popular menu items and promote any events that would be a good fit for prospective customers' schedules if they're visiting your website today.

If you're operating an eCommerce website, remember the website serves two purposes. First to enable customer to buy the coffee online but *also* to promote the coffee. Don't lose sight of the website as an advertising asset.

Branding, Social Media & Community

You'll want to include your brand's logo and color scheme. If you're a chain with multiple locations (or if your cafe is part of one), make sure that they all follow the same branding scheme so people know what to expect when they go from location A to B or even Z in some cases!

Social media can also play a big role in the launching a coffee brand. A café's website should have tons of social media buttons so that anyone who visits the site can easily promote it on their social media platforms. It helps build awareness for new cafes and increase the number of followers people have.

Furthermore, social media is also an effective way to engage existing customers about different events you're hosting or new promotions being offered at your café.

If you're part of a chain, you can use social media to create a sense of community around your brand.

To summarize:

If you're opening a cafe and want to ensure that your site is successful, there are many things you should include.

You'll need an easy-to-navigate layout with photos of coffee beans in addition to pictures detailing the menu at your café.

Be sure to include testimonials from customers who have visited before so prospective visitors can get a sense of what they might expect when coming into your establishment for their first time.

Finally, be sure to add social media buttons so other people can help promote your cafe online while also including links on where people can buy products if they're not near by or able to visit in person!