If you want to better understand the chemical components of coffee and why they matter when it comes to coffee processing this guide will answer your questions.

In this part of our ultimate guide to coffee you’ll learn how coffee gets processed, how it gets decaffeinated, and why different methods of processing lead to different flavors and tasting notes.

Coffee Processing Methods

Learn the different ways coffee can be processed along with the respective disadvantages and advantages associated with each method. The three different methods of coffee processing are detailed along with their strengths and impact on coffee.

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Chemical Compounds in Coffee

A complete walkthrough on the molecular structure of coffee and caffeine with specific details on how the different chemical components react and combine to determine flavor.

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Coffee's Flavor Chemistry

An elaborate explanation of concepts like the "Maillard Reaction" that help explain the chemical reactions that need to take place to ensure optimal flavor and tasting notes in coffee.

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How Coffee Gets Decaffeinated

A simple but detailed walkthrough on the process of creating "decaf" coffee along with descriptions of the different ways that can be accomplished.

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