Ok, so you’re looking to sell coffee online, but you need to know how to make that happen quickly and effectively.

This guide will walk you through how to use Shopify to get your in person cafe online and start moving your product through ecommerce.

This guide is designed to describe all major aspects of setting up a coffee website, from structuring the pages, building compelling product pages, to setting up Shopify’s backend settings.

Running a coffee business is about much more than just setting up and managing a website, so the purpose of this guide is to save you time getting your website launched so you can focus more on the nuts and bolts of running the roastery, cafe, and fulfillment etc.

First.. A Note on Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to services make it possible for a website to be publically accessible. Web hosts basically rent out space on their servers to people and organizations that are looking to make their websites available at the usual "www" address.

This guide largely provides a tutorial on using Shopify to build out your website, so while there are many different companies that you can purchase hosting from, that topic isn't detailed to extensively because Shopify includes their own hosting service in all their plans.

The Guide to Building a Coffee Shop Website.


Coffee Website Examples

In this section we’ll walk you through a few examples of what different, ideal, coffee websites look like for the purposes of inspiration, and so you have an idea of all the things you’ll need to consider with respect to functionality and design. It’s usually helpful to explore this in detail to get a sense of what competitors are doing and what your potential customers have come to expect in terms of functionality and overall user experience.

Planning the Coffee Shopify Store

In this section we’ll detail how you need to structure the coffee website and how to work through some of the first things you’ll need to consider, like layout and naming the coffee store. We recommend thinking about this part of your website launch earlier on, before you actually start building out products and pages, as this is really the roadmap of the online store that you will end up building out.

Setting Up the Online Coffee Store

This part of the guide will walk you through the setup and administrative tasks you’ll need to work through to get the store up and running, ensure you can collect payments, ship coffee correctly, and manage inventory. So before building out the website there will be some “back-end” administration stuff that’s specific to selling online to take care of.

Adding Coffee Products and Collections

Here we’ll document how to use Shopify to add in your coffee products, inventory, and collections pages (basically categories of coffee). We’ll also talk about building product pages that look appealing and convert effectively. Aside from the homepage, this portion of the website will be one of the most important. It’s unfortunately not as simple as describing the product and uploading a photo, to effectively sell the coffee you need to build out product pages that are compelling and also overcome any potential barriers to purchase (like Shipping, returns etc..).

Adding Pages to the Online Coffee Website

In this section we’ll go through the steps needed to add non product specific pages, what types of pages those should be, and how they are structured by Shopify. Adding pages, that are not products, is essential. It might not seem so, but people need to know who they are buying coffee from, especially if they are being asked to buy online - where trust isn’t as easily communicated as it is when you are dealing with people in person.

Designing the Coffee Website

This part of the guide considers everything you need to know about designing a coffee website that looks great, represents your brand, and works quickly and effectively to help you sell as much coffee as possible. Shopify allows you to use and purchase templates for your website, but there will always be some amount of customization required.

This section will document a how to guide to help you use Shopify to setup functional and elegant user navigation so customers can easily find and purchase your coffee.

Testing and Launching the Coffee Website

The final part of the guide will show you the finishing touches you’ll need to consider and implement just before “going live” with your online store. You’ll need to check out this section to ensure everything on your website, from shipping to payment processing, is working as intended

On completion of the guide and launch of the Shopify store, you'll want to give some thought to promoting and marketing the online coffee website.


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